Combine harvesters


For Claas Combine harvesters, Zuidberg North America offers a variety of track products. As well we offer a selection of accessories and options to maximize the use of your Zuidberg products.

  • Product Information

    Zuidberg North America offers a variety of track products for your tractor / combine (choose). Zuidberg tracks are designed to maximize traction and minimize ground compaction. With a Zuidberg track system the footprint of your tractor / combine increase drastically in order to handle challenging harvesting conditions.

    Our track systems are hydraulically tensioned for optimal rubber belt tensioning under all conditions. The Zuidberg tensioning system includes a hydraulic accumulator (shock absorber) that makes our track kit more forgiving in real world conditions while driving through rocky or muddy areas. Our 3D suspension systems provides uncompromised operator comfort as well as less wear on the rubber track.

    Your time is valuable:

    Zuidberg tracks feature an enclosed service port with grease zerks in order to minimize your maintenance effort. The enclosed service port is conveniently located in the center of the track system for easy and worry free maintenance

    Zuidberg tracks are delivered completely assembled and with all mounting hardware. For those customers that would like to interchange between tires and tracks, Zuidberg tracks feature centrally located pallet fork positions. Zuidberg tracks can be taken off of your tractor / combine as a complete unit.

    Zuidberg tracks feature oil filled axle hubs with sight glasses to enable you to visually check the oil level of your tracks.

  • Accessories

    • Limitor set
    • Adaptor kit (from 8 to 10 bolt holes)
    • Spacers 60 mm
    • Spacers 100 mm
  • Specifications

    Available track widths:

    • 24” front / 24” rear tracks. Foot print
    • 24” front / 30” rear tracks. Foot print
    • 30” front / 30” rear tracks. Foot print
    • 30” front / 36” rear tracks. Foot print
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