Zuidberg North America since 2014

Zuidberg North America is the sales and distribution organization for the US, Canadian and Mexican market of the Netherlands based Zuidberg Group. We offer Front 3pt Hitches and Front PTO drive lines, Track systems and custom made drive line and transmission solutions, for both OEM and after-market purposes in the agricultural machinery market.

Since its incorporation in 1982, Zuidberg has developed into one of the most specialized and innovative manufacturing companies in the agricultural sector. By constantly investing in people and technology, we actively apply innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the design and production process.

Zuidberg: 4 modern high-tech manufacturing divisions

The Zuidberg companies consist of 4 modern high-tech manufacturing divisions, each with its own specialty: Frontline Systems, Tracks, Transmissions and Steel service. As the Zuidberg companies are located at a single site in the Netherlands, the lines are very short, in every sense of the word. This makes it easy for the various companies to share the know-how we build up. This ultimately leads to the distinguishing quality of each Zuidberg product.

Global market leader

Zuidberg Frontline Systems is the global market leader and supplies tractor manufacturers, importers and agricultural mechanisation companies all over the world. The wide and in-depth supply program allows Zuidberg  to guarantee fast deliveries and a short time to market. From both a technical as well as a design perspective, the Zuidberg Front 3-point Hitch and PTO systems form an integrated unit on each model of tractor.