Zuidberg: Quality and Innovation since 1982

The Zuidberg Group is a family owned business that employs close to 300 highly skilled and highly motivated employees. Since 1982 we proudly develop and manufacture our products in house and sell those products in nearly 50 countries world wide.

The Zuidberg headquarters are based in Ens (The Netherlands) – about an hour North East of Amsterdam – in the heart of the Noordoost-Polder, one of the main agricultural areas of the country. This so called “polder” has been reclaimed from the sea in the 1940’s and is well known for its very fertile soil and  high quality potato and flower bulb crops.

On July 1, 2014, Zuidberg North America Inc.  opened its doors in Cedar Falls – in the Mid-Western state of Iowa. Cedar Falls has a historic reputation for both farming and manufacturing, making it a perfect fit for Zuidberg’s North American home.

From idea to worldwide sales

In 1982, Mr. Henk Zuidberg, the founder of the company, developed and designed a revolutionary concept to make his brother’s farm tractor more efficient. He developed an ‘adapter’, which ensured that a tractor could not only use an implement at the rear hitch, but also at the front using the front linkage. Together with his brother, a Dutch dairy farmer, he manufactured this first front 3pt hitch system; it is the basis for the current products from Zuidberg Frontline Systems, currently sold in nearly 50 countries.

Zuidberg has over 35 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of front 3pt hitch and front PTO systems and has a broad and very diverse expertise. This is why Zuidberg has quickly become the world leader in front 3pt hitch and front PTO systems for tractors.

Four product groups - One vision

Following the global success of the Zuidberg Frontline Systems product line, the company invested heavily in the most modern production equipment as well as production automation. Meanwhile the company continued to diversify by means of strategic acquisitions, while remaining focused mainly on the agricultural and off-highway markets. In 2006 a steel cutting company was acquired and in 2011 a manufacturer of conversion track systems (Westrack) was added to the Zuidberg Group. In 2017 a rubber track production facility has been completed. This is a next major milestone in the continuous development of the company.

All Zuidberg products meet both the most stringent quality standards and the exacting demands of its customers. By constantly investing in people and technology, we actively apply innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the design and production process.

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The production facilities over in the Netherlands

Machining center with tower warehouse

Flexible manufacturing system

Gear wheel production

Tool changer in practice