Front 3-point Hitch + Front PTO

Zuidberg Front Hitch SystemsThe standard for any tractor

Over 35 years ago, Zuidberg was already the pioneer in the development of front hitch systems. At the time, the initial aim was: to enable combinations of several work passages, using front hitch to save on labor and costs. Thanks to the benefits it already offered, Zuidberg’s front hitch became the ‘standard’ on new tractors in next to no time.

By consistently looking for innovative solutions, Zuidberg has grown to become a global trendsetter providing sophisticated multifunctional applications for front hitch systems. Zuidberg front hitches stand out because of their compactness, multifunctionality and flexibility, offering very broad scope in terms of application.

With a range of over 1,000 models, Zuidberg offers a suitable front hitch system for almost any tractor. Each Zuidberg front hitch system is unique thanks to a combination of aesthetic design and rock-solid construction. Consequently, the tractor and its front hitch comprise a totally integrated machine.

Zuidberg Front PTO SystemsThe standard for any tractor

The Zuidberg front PTO shaft features a wet-running lamellar coupling including proportionally adjustable engagement. This guarantees smooth implement engagement to ensure trouble-free operations. In addition, it prolongs the life-span of front-linked machines.

DID YOU KNOW? Zuidberg Front PTOs offer FULL ENGINE HP out the front shaft? This is CRITICAL, especially under heavy loads like snow blowing, running larger mowers or chopping large branches in the orchard.

Zuidberg offers various configurations, and offers the expert advise you need to choose the proper set-up. 540 rpm and 1,000 RPM output speeds are both available. Clockwise (CW) and Counter-Clockwise (CCW) rotation directions (from the perspective of standing outside of the tractor) are both available. Do you need a 6-spline shaft or 21-spline shaft? We offer both depending on the RPM and Rotation Direction.



How do YOU Zuidberg?

Where do I start?

Are you pushing silage? You will want to add a torsion tube and push-bar. How about snow blowing? You will want a couple sets of hydraulic remotes. I’m running a triple-mower, do I need a torsion tube? Can I use my rear-mounted 540 snowblower on front? What if I only need ballast weights on the front, what are my options? My tractor has an OEM PTO that spins the wrong way, what’s the deal there? What if you want to run a flail shredder on a narrow tractor that I already have for the rear? We can help with that too

If you are a long-time user of a Front Hitch and Front PTO set-up, this may all be second nature to you by now. But as we see the market continue to grow, first-time users need guidance on how to set their tractor up for the application that is specific to them. If that’s you, don’t guess… just contact our sales team. We will walk you through the details and assure you have the proper set-up to meet your needs.

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