Agricultural use

After gaining popularity over in Europe during the 1990’s, North American farmers and tractor operators started to adopt the concept of mounting equipment to the front of the tractor during the early 2000’s. Over the last 15 years the Zuidberg  front PTO systems became very popular as tractor owners are increasingly looking at improving their return on investment when investing in a tractor. As well they are looking for efficiency by combining two passes into on one, while saving labor and diesel fuel.

Popular front mounted applications:

  • Mowers, either in a triple set up or a set up with a front mounted mower and a single trailed or 3pt mounted mower
  • Flail shredders, used for shredding prunes or brush in orchards or vineyards
  • Manure reels
  • Seed bed preparation and planting equipment, used for preparing a seed bed and plant in one pass
  • Front ballast weights. A proper ballasting of your tractor saves fuel and increases traction. A 3pt mounted ballast weight makes this very easy
  • Weeding equipment, mainly used in organic operations
  • Roller crimpers mounted in the front, used in combination with a rear mounted roller crimper or a planter in the rear
  • Composting equipment
  • Tiling equipment

…and many more!

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