Agricultural use

Zuidberg Tracks
• Reduce compaction – improve soil heath
• Reduce crop risk – protect value of crop
• Increase harvest security – get in the field and get the crop out
• Quick/easy to switch back to tires

Zuidberg Tracks Increase
• Flotation
• Traction
• Stability

Zuidberg Tracks Feature:
• Track width 36”
• The best ride and the highest level of comfort in the market
• Direct fit on wheel flange for 10 bolt wheel flanges
• Optional limiter and spacer sets available
• No sub-frame required
• Oil filled wheel hubs with sight glasses make it very easy to check oil levels
• Unique hydraulic tensioning system with hydraulic cylinder and accumulator
• Positive drive system
• Easy maintenance with central greasing and oil level display
• 2 direction suspended 3-bogie wheel system
• Polyurethane-covered idler and bogie wheels
• Heavy duty bearing system
• Come completely assembled and easy to install
• Forklift cutouts in the track frame for easy installation

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