Zuidberg Transmissions design, produce and deliver transmission systems for use in a variety of mobile applications. Our off-the-shelf drive systems have been tested through and through, ensuring optimal quality along with short lead times.

In addition, we can offer custom-made transmission systems. This may involve a relatively simple modification to an existing model, or a totally new drive system, specifically developed according to your own specific requirements.

Our production flexibility is outstanding! Be it for a run of 50 units or a serial range up to 3,000 items per year, Zuidberg can deliver!



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The most sought-after drive systems

Transmissions - Load-engageable PTO system

Load-engageable PTO systems

For use in trucks, choppers, remote-controlled implement carriers, communal vehicles, forestry vehicles and stationary engines… to name but a few.

Transmissions - Load-engageable coupling

Load-engageable couplings

For the engaging and disengaging of machine and other functions.

Transmissions - Reduction gearbox

Reduction gearboxes

For E-drives etc.

Transmissions - Powershift Transmission

Powershift transmissions

For feed mixers and other equipment.

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